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For Her Media is a brand agency specializing in EMPOWERING STARTUPS to forge compelling brand identities that set them apart from competition the moment they launch.

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About Us

We are a media company that provides creative solutions to clients who want to change the world around them. We consider each of our clients to be partners in raising awareness and funds for social issues that impact women and young girls.

About Us

For Her Media is a media company that specializes in digital publishing, website development, graphic design and video production. An effective brand is consistent in messaging, visuals, and audience interactions. For Her Media partners with our clients to tell stories that allow consumers to connect with their brands. As a multi-service media company, we work with you to develop a brand strategy that leaves no missing pieces. From logo design to promotional videos, we help you create a brand that stands out from competitors.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to not only tell stories, but to help raise funds to stand for issues that directly impact women and young girls. We work to partner with agencies and organizations for causes such as breast cancer awareness, human trafficking and infertility and pregnancy loss. It is our privilege to work with organizations such as Global Renewal, an international campaign that has safe houses for young girls who have been impacted by modern day slavery and human trafficking in Cambodia and Indonesia.

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